Having a Big Family Humbles You (241/365)

I’m sure everyone who has a big family can relate to the happy and sad things that come with them – the loyalty, the bond, the annoyance, the lack of personal space, honestly it’s a wild ride if you have a big family. I love my family don’t get me wrong, but I’m very honest about the fact that they can annoy the fuck out of me, alas that’s not what this post is about. It’s about how having a big family humbles you in a way that having a small one can not.

The first way is through ripping each other to shreds, I am the second oldest of seven, so it’s not like we’re all close in age, but my youngest sisters have special ways of insulting my life and soul. They’re brutally honest at times and I can’t even complain because I’m a big reason that they’re like that, but sometimes they just catch me slipping and they won’t let me live it down. They will keep us all on our toes, and humbled because at the end of the day they’re too young to be ripped to shreds.

Throughout the ages I’ll also trust them to let me know if I look questionable when leaving the house, there’s no lies between us. Even my brothers, but because they’re boys they’re not gentle about it – therefore leaving us girls humbled and sometimes having our feelings hurt.

Other ways having a big family humbles you is through the fact that you have to share EVERYTHING. Even if you are the most territorial person alive you will have to share things at some point and everyone will walk into your room at all times of the day, regardless of you having a lock or not. Privacy is a myth, and this keeps you centred and by centred I mean humbled because any form of privacy you manage to acquire in the future you will savour. Or you’ll end up becoming super territorial about everything and confusing people who haven’t experienced the struggle.

You also appreciate them, as you’re never bored and will always have people to annoy throughout the day. A bond like a big family is hard to replicate, so despite them ripping you to shreds and stealing your private moments, you’ll still love them. Although I highly recommend teaching kids about boundaries and the need for alone time – this has saved my sanity, and theirs.

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