Hello Autumn, From An Autumn Baby (245/365)

Septembers finally here which means that jumper season is slowly coming. Although I do enjoy summer and the sun, the fact that the flies, bee’s will now be going into hibernation brings me joy, especially as someone who is terrified of flying things. This summer wasn’t exactly a heat wave in the UK, but the on and off heat waves were annoying, none of us knew how to prepare and in all fairness I do enjoy rain more than sun – is it because it’s always raining on my birthday? Maybe..

Autumn also brings us a great time were the tree’s are shedding, becoming orange and again JUMPER WEATHER. I know loads of people love crop top season, but turtle neck and jumper weather is were my comfort zone will always be. Mainly because it’s an excuse to dress like a whale and not be judged for it.

You can also not live in fear if you accidentally forget your SPF, I know we should be wearing it all year round, but who actually remembers to do this?

Image result for autumn meme

UPDATE: I know Autumn technically starts on the 23rd but personally in my heart it starts now

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