Back To School – Positive Vibes! (247/365)

I’m actually not sure how many of my readers are still in school, I always assume everyones an adult but as the school season is now officially back I guess it’s time to spread some positive vibes. For the kids who hate school, for those who want to thrive, for those starting new places and for everyone really – unless you’re a bully, then these aren’t for you.

Despite having loads of younger siblings I always lose track of the school holidays, when they begin, end or just in general. It’s not until I get the bus to work that I am hit with the reminder that they’re back/gone. It’s been 9 years since I was in secondary school and honestly I did hate it, I loved my friends but they weren’t enough. It’s a weird time where you’re treated like a child and yet expected to make adult decisions – my school was also just shit so that didn’t help, but it wasn’t all bad I guess.

I’ve been seeing some really nice memes floating around to help kids out and that’s been really wholesome and nice. Usually the internet is a place where everyone just takes the piss 24/7 so seeing some nice things out and about has been a refreshing change of pace.

Friendly reminders:

If you see someone hanging out on their own, please try to make friends with them. Being new is difficult enough, a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Also if you’re ever asked to say something interesting about yourself as an icebreaker for anything – have one preprepared, it helps a lot when you get older as that question never leaves you.

Lastly, if you’re really struggling take solace in the fact that once it’s over you don’t really have to do it ever again and honestly you’re not obligated to ever stay in contact with anyone.

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