Iconic SHINEE Performances (248/365)

K-pop has been growing in the western world exponentially over the past two years, it’s honestly amazing, everyone is somewhat exposed to it and at least recognise that BTS and BLACKPINK are musicians and not some random words/letters thrown together. Thanks to this K-pop is probably going to continue growing as we’re reaching the fourth generation groups getting ready to debut.

Because of the rise of interest it’s time to give some love to bands that are legendary – I’m picking SHINEE because they’re my favourite but also are well respected and loved because they have mastered the art of changing their concepts up, have amazing live vocals and are a well rounded group (if you disagree you’re wrong).

So naturally I’m using this as an excuse to post a bunch of their live performances since they’re a rare group – for most of their songs I prefer their live performances to their studio versions. Which never really happens for me, but honestly their live performances add a whole new layer of awesomeness. So here’s a bunch of my favourite SHINEE performances because everyone deserves to see them.

Excuse Me Miss – the ad libs, the vocals, the dancing, the outfits, honestly it’s a whirlwind.

Replay – Every Replay performance is my favourite but this one adds a little extra feels.

Alive – Minkeys rap is everything, I will fight anyone who disagrees

Woof Woof – This performance is a wild ride from start to finish. It’s so weird and musical-esque and I’m 100% here for it!

Married to the Music – The vocals, fan chants, camera work, the dance, it’s just all amazing

Stranger – These performances are legendary, Jonghyuns high note is something that chills us all to the bone

Honestly I know I’ve definitely missed out some iconic moments purely because SHINEE have so many. There’s a reason that their live performances are on a completely different level and it’s because they have mastered every aspect of it.

Special shout out

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