Black Will Crack If You Let It! (250/365)

This is just a short post and a friendly reminder to all of my black people that black can crack. I know, it’s hard to believe since we’re surrounded by elders who look 20 years younger than they actually are – plus the fact that everyone and their mothers will let you know we age gracefully. The thing is, what we don’t see is that the same people who look amazing are also moisturising all of the time.

Yes, genetics play a massive role and honestly some people are more prone to ageing and can’t afford to ever have an off day when it comes to skin care, but at the same time if you have bad practices like not using moisturiser or skipping on sun protection then you will age. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or asian, nature will find a way to remind you that you’re at risk.

The only reason I’m even writing this is because I used the phrase ‘Black will crack if you let it’ during a conversation after work and honestly I can’t stop saying it. I’m quite fortunate in the fact that my genetics will protect me from ageing and I also have a 8 step skin care routine which keeps my breakouts at bay, but sometimes I think the ‘black don’t crack’ mentality makes people think we all just do nothing.

From a very young age we’re slathered in mositurisers, oils, cocoa butters and that also plays a massive role in our ageing process. We fear the ashyness and judgement that comes with going outside and looking grey – so we take extra steps to prevent that and those steps help a lot.

I’ll round this off here in a sudden end because this wasn’t a planned post and honestly I have to leave my house soon so this is just another stream of consciousness post.

Please moisturise everyone, even if you don’t see the ash, IT’S THERE.

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