I Sometimes Hate-Watch Youtubers And I Don’t Know If That’s Ok (252/365)

I think it’s safe to say that I’m old enough to remember the beginning of Youtube, I can disect old school styles and honestly spend a lot of time talking about how our viewing habits and influencer styles have changed across the years. I’ve followed a lot of people since I was a young teen and I’ve also unfollowed a lot them due to their lack of growth within their content – but some of them I just hate watch.

I wouldn’t say I hate them actively as a person as I don’t really know them, but in a lot of cases I just dislike their personality or their content and honestly I just stay subscribed to see how they’ll make me cringe. Which is a thing I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in but it’s a weird phenomenon to explore.

There’s one who shall not be name who got popular due to her skits and her hair colours and ‘I’m so edgy hehe I like legend of zelda’ personality. To begin with I enjoyed her content a lot as I was the target audience, but as the years went on her content just got weird. She tried every single trend in the book and every single time was just as fake as the last – she’s also tried to be a serious musician within this which can be done, but not by her. I don’t even know why I’m still subscribed to her sometimes because her content is boring and shit, but there’s just some morbid fascination inside of me that wants to see whats next.

As you can tell this Youtuber recently posted a video and this inspired this little mini ramble because honestly as a whole our viewing habits don’t make sense anymore. We don’t always watch for enjoyment, sometimes its to hate them whilst we watch them, sometimes it’s to watch them break down and honestly it’s a little bit fucked up.

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