My Skin Care Pet Peeves (255/365)

You may or may not know but I spend a lot of my spare time watching skin care routines, and also watching professionals react to them. They’re weirdly addictive and honestly I can’t stop watching them. I love learning more about skin care and how different ingredients effect the skin in a variety of ways, but through watching a lot of these videos I’ve realised that I have a few pet peeves. Again, I’m not a professional, just a nit picker.

So here’s a complete list of my pet peeves:

  1. Forgetting to apply product to your neck – your neck needs love too. Whats the point in having a 10 step skin care routine if you’re going to avoid your neck?!
  2. Not removing makeup properly – the second I notice that the person still has makeup on, I can’t un see it and honestly it becomes a horror show in my eyes.
  3. When people use scrubs, scrubs and more scrubs – I love a good scrub, but it’s not an ‘everyday’ product.
  4. PUTTING SCRUBS ON YOUR UNDER EYE AREA – you know who I’m referencing and yes, I wanted to melt inside watching it.
  5. Using oils before creams – Look, oils are great, but they seal products in. If you use it before creams, the creams can’t penetrate your skin, so there’s no point. Oils are the thickest, so make them your last step.
  6. When rich people use loads of their expensive product – I cry every broke tear watching this happen.
  7. People using sheet masks as a last step, what fiery pit of hell are you from? I used to make this mistake and I learnt, but if you’re someone trying to teach me a thing or two – STOP IT.
  8. Those same people then washing their face after using the sheet mask over their layers of products – why use all of these products and then wash it off?
  9. People recommending creams and serums that are super expensive like it’s worth the money – it rarely is, keep your la mer to yourself!
  10. Lastly, when people get the clarisonic face thing and say they use it everyday. STOP! Your skin is crying, honestly, it’s not an everyday product.

4 thoughts on “My Skin Care Pet Peeves (255/365)

  1. What about the people who just don’t have a skincare routine outside of Bar soap and Vaseline and then complain about how awful their skin looks. Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

    I have a blog or podcast suggestion. Why don’t you talk about the phenomena that is looking into peoples’ lives through YouTube and social media. It’s kinda weird how most content creators talk to their audience as if they were their close friends. They obviously are more filtered with their viewers then they would be with their actual friends but at the same time it creates this weird relationship where the viewers know a lot about the content creator while the content creator just sees views, likes and comments as a response. I think this creates obsessive, entitled fans that feel like they have an actual connection to the people they are watching. Most of the time the creator or artist would be much different then they actually portray themselves to be which leads people to be disappointed when they meet them in real life. I just started asking myself when I am watching a YouTube video or something like that if I would actually associate myself or be friends with the person if I met them in real life. I don’t know if any of this actually made any sense but this was on my mind for a while.

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    1. OMG PUT THE SOAP AND VASELINE AWAY! and thats a really good suggestion! The relationship we have as an audience is so weird because it is personal and we feel like we know the YouTuber/influencer when in reality we know nothing. But it’s still so intimate and this has led to a lot of entitled fans and fans who cross boundaries – thanks for this 🙂


      1. Your welcome.
        It’s something I thought a lot about because as a homebody I spend most of my free time alternating between YouTube and Social Media and it got to a point where I was so invested in other peoples’ lives despite not knowing them in real life. I started to think that it would be more more healthy for me to focus on living my own life rather than watching other people do just that.

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