Another Day, Another Blog Post (258/365)

I’ve reached that point again where I’m not entirely sure what to write about, I don’t have anything particularly profound on my mind and in all honesty this is the first day I’ve had to myself in a while so I’m enjoying the alone time. I find that if I spend every single day socialising, I mentally crumble quite fast, so I’ll normally dedicate one day of the weekend for me, myself and I. Sadly, that’s not always possible as life happens, birthdays, events, friends, and I can’t always say no (despite writing many blog posts on the importance of saying no).

So this is more of a weird non personal life update. I’ve spent my Sunday watching a Korean drama and crying, how are you spending yours?

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Blog Post (258/365)

  1. I spent my Sunday binge watching a Netflix series called Unbelievable. It’s a really good one and it’s also based on true events. By the way, alone time can be really good. I do find connecting with my cats very rewarding.

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