The One About Lucid Nightmares (260/365)

This is a topic I’m surprised I’ve never covered considering it’s something that haunts me. I’ve written a lot about sleep paralysis and how to deal with that, but not lucid nightmares. It might be because I haven’t dealt with them too much this year, or because writing about them is just not easy because they’re an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

If you’ve watched Inception before you probably know what a lucid dream is – the dreamer is conscious that they’re dreaming and therefore can bend the dream to their will. Now a lucid nightmare is something else entirely – you’re aware the nightmare is in the dream realm but you don’t have active control over what’s happening and in some ways that just makes things more scary.

It’s never as easy as just ‘waking up’ as the process of forcing yourself awake is part of the nightmare. Mine usually consist of being chased/attacked in my own bedroom by an unseen figure which is as fun as it sounds. They’re always recurring and I haven’t really found out how to make them stop yet – I had a method back in university, but now the dreams have evolved and I honestly don’t appreciate it.

This isn’t a post that will help you, sorry, I don’t have any answers. If you do have any similar experiences or have any tips on how to deal with this, please share them.

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