Positive Things I Learnt Whilst Working A Shit Sales Job (261/365)

I’ve written posts about it, I always talk about it, and if you don’t know by now then honestly you clearly haven’t been a long term reader. Well all jokes aside, in my stupid youth (it was only two years ago, but I’m sticking with the youth phrase) I worked a door to door sales job for a little over a year. The job was horrific, my manager was a disgusting bully and generally my mental health was at its worst – but I did learn a lot doing the job and in all honesty I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t do it.

With bad jobs come a lot of good experiences, and I thought I’d spread some positive things I learnt on the job.

  1. The friends you make in a really shit/toxic work environment are life long friends, they’re basically family. We had all seen each other in our darkest moments as the job coincided with a lot of personal stuff for all of us, and we still stuck together.
  2. Working 12+ hour days humbles your soul in a very weird way.
  3. Not everyone is a dickhead – Yeh I know it’s shocking but honestly some people and customers were so nice that it would genuinely make my day.
  4. People will feed you when you’re out on the field and honestly you should never say no to the food.
  5. A little competitiveness is good for you.
  6. Standing your ground in a toxic environment will make you tap into strength you didn’t know you had.
  7. Set goals, otherwise you’re aimlessly going through life without knowing what you want to do.
  8. The goals don’t have to be big, if anything it’s better to break them up so it’s actually dooable.
  9. Make friends on the field with people you’re pitching, you never know who you’ll meet out there.
  10. If you can work a job which has you walking for 8 hours in British weather, you can overcome anything.

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