Things That Set Off My Migraines (263/365)

I feel like it’s been months since I’ve actually taken a time to write a post about my migraines and honestly it’s weird because these posts are easy for me to write since they’re derived from personal experience. I guess I don’t like to write too much about them because it seems like a self pity session, and also thankfully they aren’t as bad as they used to be. I do still live a life where I do try to stray away from major triggers and proceed with caution – I also do have a lot of fuck it moments, and that’s because I like to still enjoy life and see if that trigger will activate (I’m a morbid weirdo don’t judge me).

I think I’ve already written a post about some triggers, but I don’t think I expanded on it in a more personal way. Now, everyone has different triggers and a major part of dealing with being prone to migraines is finding them and hunting them down, so this is a post focusing more on my triggers – not everyone is attacked equally by these things so don’t take this as gospel.

Disclaimer – I’m not a medical professional.


I remember the day my GP told me that chocolate could be a trigger and my heart sank because I now had to pay attention to its affect on me. Low and behold, chocolate fucked me up. I will say that before the migraines took over my life I was a chocoholic and having to cut down on it was a very difficult thing to do – I still eat it from time to time, but it’s not an ‘everyday in bulk’ kind of thing. (I write this as the big block of chocolate I got from work is right next to me)

Too much/Too Little caffeine

Yes you read that right, caffeine is a trigger in both ways. If I drink too much I’m fucked up and if I don’t have any I’m also fucked up – so that’s about as much fun as it sounds. Thankfully I like tea and coffee, but needing it to function isn’t nice, and I’ve even recently seen the effects of having too little caffeine and I was a zombie with a pounding brain and needed to find a dark corner.


This ones simple, dehydration is the main symptom you try to cure when you’re suffering from anything. Drink water people, it will help you in every single way.

Lights flashing in my eyes

Light sensitivity is a very common cause of anything negatively impacting your brain and if enough light gets flashed in my eyes I start seeing dots everywhere and it will kick start a horrific migraine attack.

Oranges (fruit and juice)

This one also hurt me, and I’m still sad about how this is a trigger. It might be the sugar, it might be the sudden spike of insulin, but either way I can’t have orange as much as I used to because it will fuck me up 90% of the time. 😦


Taking vitamins is something we usually do in order to be healthy, especially with migraine conditions. We’re told to take vitamin B, magnesium and basically every kind of vitamin out there and I don’t know whether it’s because my eating habits are fairly balanced, but taking vitamins fuck me up as well. I’ve tried this a lot, and honestly the moment I stop taking them, I’m suddenly able to function normally.

Skipping meals

I’m ending this post on another common cause that most people know about – skipping meals is never a good thing to do and honestly it would make healthy people feel groggy and gross. So just don’t do it. 🙂

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