100 Days Left Of This Project (265/365)

If you told me that I’d make it to this point of my blog every day challenge at the beginning of the year, I’d laugh in your face. Honestly, I never thought I’d make it past 3 months and the fact that I’ve managed to do it successfully so far whilst also managing my work life, personal life and other projects is quite shocking.

It kind of puts into perspective how people make excuses for not being able to do the things that they love. They say they don’t have enough time or resources, or mental energy and sometimes that is true and valid, but a lot fo the times it’s because they are scared of actually committing to something. There’s a difference between saying you’ll do things and actually doing them, and I spent a lot of years saying I want to write, but not actually writing anything.

I had loads of side blogs that were dedicated to my depressed and edgy thoughts and even some poetry that will never see the light of day. They never lasted long, and I never even told people about the blogs, they were my little secret and I’m kind of glad no one I knew read those posts. When I started this blog I knew I’d have to tell the world (my social media following), otherwise I wouldn’t stick to the challenge.

The fact that people I personally know read some of these posts also held me accountable and that triggered my pride – pride is bad, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a good way to find the drive to do what you want.

Although this ambitious project is coming to a close in 100 days, I can say it’s been a lot of fun, and also very tiring. I might not write for a few weeks in 2020 purely because I’ll need the mental break.

As always if you have any topics or ideas please share them – writers block sometimes hits me hard!

5 thoughts on “100 Days Left Of This Project (265/365)

  1. Congratulations Fatima!
    You’re honestly doing something I aspire to do. Writing has always been on my to-do-list but I never actually get around to doing it. And anyways I am not that great at writing and I am not sure if I want the world to know my deep dark thoughts. I wish you all the luck!
    your internet persona Vs you in real life, is there a difference? Do people perceive you differently or judge easier in real life or on the internet?
    A bit personal but your goals in life and what you aspire to do before you die.
    Regrets you have about things you have done.
    Advices for teens that are transitioning to adulthood
    misconceptions people have about you as a somali-muslim-british-black-woman.
    Favourite story/tv series/kdrama and what you love about it.

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  2. I’m people who makes excuses to not do the things I love!
    Definitely commending you for making it so far in your personal challenge. If you haven’t already, I’d like to hear your thoughts on bandwagoning/cancel culture. Are people allowed redemption? How long are they cancelled?, etc.

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    1. We’ve all been there, but it’s always worth taking on Shia Labeouf’s words and ‘just do it’. Thanks and I think I’ve written a post on cancel culture but my main thoughts are that its nonsense, no one really gets cancelled and it’s just toxic as a whole.

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