How I Fight My Writers Block (266/365)

During this blog every day project I have had writers block multiple times, I’ve lost inspiration, the will to write and have even had a mini crisis about my own originality. I felt like I had written everything I could offer and could no longer write anything meaninful or original and yet I’ve still found ways to produce content – they’ve not all been gems, but I think I can safely say that I’ve had my fair share of writers block and can give some advice for how to get back in the flow of writing.

Read aritcles/blog posts on the internet about topics you’re interested in

Reading other peoples thoughts and perspectives is a really good way of re-invigorating your own thoughts. I wouldn’t say that you have to write what they’re writing about, but personally I find reading other peoples writings really help me find my own place as someone who daily blogs. Sometimes their posts give me ideas and sometimes they don’t, but the more I read, the more likely I will get the drive to write a post.

Plan your posts

This is rich coming from me since I haven’t really planned a lot of my posts since the very beginning, but I do write down ideas in my book for possible future posts. I find the process of using a pen and paper just helps me get in the flow of getting ideas and from that point I can narrow down what angles I want to take with each and every post. Some plans are detailed and some aren’t, it just depends on how your brain works.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Sometimes it’s ok to post a little later than usual if you’re really stuck. I started out with a strict time that posts had to be live by and it really fucked with my process. Naturally throughout the year a post or two would be a few hours late and I felt really guilty every time. Now, I’m more chill about it all because the way I see it is, it needs to go live on the day, not on the actual time I have allocated for myself.

It’s always good to relax a little and be less hard on yourself. Not everything will go perfectly and sometimes thats ok.

Ask people for ideas

I do this on Instagram a lot because I run out of ideas a lot, and honestly some people that follow me are actual gems. I may not always write every idea suggested to me, but the fact that their ideas are so good and thoughtful and relevant really inspires me to write that day.

Look away from the screen for a bit

Sometimes spending a lot of time looking at the screen and hoping for ideas to come might just overwhelm you. It’s good to take some time offline, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, exercise or socialising to just help you get out of the rut. I tend to do all of the above plus listen to music to sort of help my creativity get back on track. 🙂

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