I Need To Start Reading Again (267/365)

Growing up I was always that kid who read books, although it was mainly fiction I was always reading something at any given time. I loved the fact that I was transported into new universes and experiencing new things through different characters and the wild times they had. As time went on though I read a lot less, or I read less books and more comics and then eventually I went from reading loads of books a year to only reading one and I really regret it.

I need to start reading more because I still buy books or get them as gifts, but there’s something that stops me from reading them. Some kind of mental block that I can’t get over. It’s not due to a lack of time because growing up as a nerd taught me how to re-organise my time for interests and for education, so I can balance work and reading quite easily.

Maybe it might be because I prefer reading non fiction, and a lot of my books are controversial or about racism and honestly reading about racism just makes me sad. One of my favourite books ‘ Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ was amazing, but I had to take my time reading it otherwise I would have a go at a lot of people I see and work with. It might be because I’m lowkey sensitive to these things since I can’t read it and not relate to it.

Either way todays blog is just a ramble about me needing to read more – does anyone have any tips to help me get out of this slump?

4 thoughts on “I Need To Start Reading Again (267/365)

  1. “They” say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I have two suggestions: make it a point to read a page or chapter or whatever before you even get out of bed or leave your bedroom in the morning. Or/And just keep a book with you; if you have breaks throughout the day, make it a point to get a few minutes in. There are so many little pockets for a book break (waiting in line, while getting your toes done, while waiting for your food if you dine alone, etc…)

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