IT’S MY BIRTHDAY (268/365)

Hi all, It’s my birthday so todays post isn’t going to be magical or about anything I usually write about. I’m now 26 years old and honestly ready to spend the day chilling like a villain and not using my brain extensively.

I’m not one to make the biggest deal about my birthday, I just like to spend the day/week with people who I love and honestly we don’t even have to do anything extravagant to make the day special. I think it might also be because I’m in my mid-twenties, but I don’t even have cake for it anymore. When I was younger (like before my younger siblings were born) I used to have two cakes, one for my birthday and one in 2 weeks for my older brothers birthday – because he didn’t like cake, so I saw it as an oppurtunity.

Now I just like to spend the day chilling with people, I’m not even too fussed about food. I even tell them what I want as a gift, because surprises can be fun but I also know I’m sometimes not the easiest to buy for. Especially this year since I keep treating myself to everything.

That’s all for today guys.

Hope you all have an amazing day!

10 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY (268/365)

  1. Happy birthday! I totally understand about wanting to just appreciate things how it is during the celebration of our birthdays. But don’t forget to treat yourself with something that has quality. Like maybe a good dinner 🙂 . take care.

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