It’s Ok To Fail! (269/365)

The way our society and culture has manifested has riddled many people with a fundamental fear of failiure. The fear is so crippling that people are scared to actually try things that they may love or lead to their career of their dreams and honestly it’s something that’s difficult to get rid of because it’s rooted so deep within our psyche.

We’re scared of failing and the ramifications of doing so.

We’re afraid of people seeing us at our lowest.

We’re afraid of people laughing at us.

We’re scared.

It’s like a societal anxiety epidemic, and maybe social media is to blame since we can see everyone around us succeeding but no one is telling their story. We only see the positives but we don’t see the struggles behind it. So naively some assume that you can get to certain positions without the trial, error and failure.

Maybe it’s also because deep down inside we don’t want to let people down, so the easiest way to do that is to never put yourself in a position which would allow that – but that thinking is wrong.

Sometimes you have to fail at something, because as cheesey as it sounds – you learn something with every failiure. You do actually get stronger through experience and those cringey positivity posts are actually telling you the truth (I know, that was hard to admit).

It’s ok to fail, it’s ok to not be the best at something straight away, it’s ok to not be perfect.

It’s difficult I know, but sometimes you have to go through a lot of failiures before you reach your goals, and that’s fucking difficult.

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