My Online Persona VS My Real Personality (270/365)

Social media is honestly an amazing place when it comes to deciding how you present yourself. You can choose your best angles, your best personality traits and really show yourself in a carefully cultivated catfish. I always joke about how my pictures are personally a massive catfish because they’re taken at the best angles to show my best self – and between me and you, I don’t really look like that everyday.

I know a lot of people who really have a different self when it comes to online and IRL, but personally I wouldn’t say mine is massively different. I post a lot of social justice posts on my Instagram and love talking about the issues in real life to an extent. It depends on who I’m talking to as I’ve reached the point where I refuse to educate an adult on issues of race and gender because they should know better. We have access to the internet, so ignorance and a bad attitiude is really not acceptable.

Whereas online I post these things regularly and seem more willing to have the conversation.

I guess picture wise I’ve already said – it’s all carefully cultivated angles, IRL I have a lot of bad hair days, minimal makeup days and honestly have some breakouts, scarring and can look gross from time to time. My family have honestly seen how different I look before and after getting ready to see people, and it’s really shocking. I do try to hide my worst looks from a lot of people I know personally, but doesn’t everyone do that?

Both online and offline are places where I don’t like to talk about personal things. It’s worse offline because I’ve found great ways to avoid talking about myself, one in paritcular is a little bit fucked up, but I have a friend who does the same thing. I basically have ‘fake personal things’ that are all real and seem really personal, but are off centred enough for me to feel ok sharing it, and the receiver to feel like they’ve honestly had a deep meaningful conversation with me.

I did say it was a bit fucked up, so don’t judge me, there are a number of reasons why I do this:

  1. I don’t feel comfortable with a large amount of people knowing my personal business.
  2. If someone is having a moment, sometimes they do need the other person to reciprocate and remember point 1 – that doesn’t stop.
  3. I’m an emotionally constipated human

Online it’s a lot easier to avoid sharing because you just don’t mention it, and no one asks. I do have a podcast with one of my best friends and we’ve literally scrapped episodes because it got too deep and we both felt uncomfortable.

So yay for being an emotionally constipated human. šŸ™‚

I think the last major different is I come across a little less blunt online than I do in real life. I’m quite a blunt person and can come across like an actual dickhead at times because I struggle with finding nice ways to say a mean thing. Whereas online you can plan what you post, and spend time actually finding ways to articulate your thoughts.

Not sure if I just exposed my worst personality traits – I guess you can decide on that.

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