Why I Don’t Follow The Curly Girl Method (271/365)

So for everyone who doesn’t have curly hair or follow any bloggers let me first explain what the CG method actually is. It’s quite a strict regimen that focuses a lot on cutting out ALL sulfates, silicones, parabens, waxes and harmful alcohols in your hair routine. It also follows a method of moisturising your hair called the L.O.C/L.C.O (liquid, oil, cream) so it’s essentially the order at which you apply your products and which ones you use.

There’s a whole book about it and honestly it is helpful for anyone who doesn’t know much about how to care for curly hair. Now you’re probably wondering why I don’t follow this method since it does seem helpful and healthy – well because it’s a lot of time, effort and I hoenstly don’t find it helps a lot for my hair.

I have cut out sulfates in my hair care routine, but whenever I’ve used anything silicone free I haven’t seen any major differences to justify spending more money on the product. I’m also lazy and I think that point is so important. The CG method also restricts heat styling and honestly even though I haven’t straightened my hair all year, it doesn’t mean I won’t.

The L.C.O/L.O.C method also just doesn’t work for me, I used to do it a lot and it’s just a lot of product and effort and my hair really hates it. My hair loves a leave in and a gel type cream, but if I put those two products plus an oil, my hair will be frizzy, weighed down and just generally disgusting so I avoid this and do my weird routine that works. (Hint, it involves first applying a leave in, then an actual conditioner, and in theory it shouldn’t work but omg it really does).

I know the CG method works for loads of curly hair people out there and some do follow it like its sacred, but if it doesn’t work for you, don’t spend your hard earned moeny trying to make it work. Just do something else, maybe even try just one product, you never know it helps loads of people out there!

Sometimes less is more, and just because your hair is curly it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on it. You can be lazy, and have hair that behaves the way you want it to.

Also – I know people swear by ditching combs for finger detangling, but not all of us have the time or effort to do this shit. Buy that wide tooth comb and brush your hair when its wet with conditioner in!

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Follow The Curly Girl Method (271/365)

  1. This is very helpful! I am slowly transitioning to the CG method and i´ve already cut with lots of bad ingredients but i feel you. I already have a lot of work with my curls. It´s good to see different points of view on the method to help me understand if this is really something i´d like to do or now! 🙂


    1. Yeh everyone has loads of different advice on the topic as well so it can make it difficult to find the right way to look after your curls, hopefully this helped and may your curls flourish!


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