How To Deal With Rejection When You Apply For Jobs (273/365)

Job hunting is the time where a lot of us understand the pain that comes with rejection. You get formal emails telling you that you’re not being considered, you get ignored/ghosted and it’s honestly one of the most emotionally exhausting things you can do. I remember when I first graduated from university and started applying for work – the level of rejection I received was horrific.

You’re essentially putting yourself out there and hoping that something sticks and that’s something that can make someone never want to leave their house ever again. Sure you can go through a recruiter, an agency and get your CV professionally created – but you’ll still receive rejection!

So here are some top tips to help you deal with it and push through because honestly, I understand how tough it is.

Think of it all as a numbers game

It’s easier to detach from the emotional aspect of rejection if you take it all as a numbers game. Especially if you see every rejection as a step closer to your success, because sometimes it can be brutal – but that’s the best time to detach.

It’s not the end of the world if you didn’t get the job

There are always other jobs, even though it won’t always feel like that.

Check in on your mental health when applying for loads of jobs as it can put a toll on you

When you’re being told ‘No’ constantly it can take a toll and sometimes add to a feeling of worthlessness and that’s the best time to take a self care day or a break from everything.

Try to not hold grudges against companies that haven’t given you a response/have rejected you

I know it’s hard to not feel personally attacked by a company that didn’t want you, but it’s best in the long run if you don’t hold a grudge and even better if you try to forget all about it.

Remember that you’re not the only person applying and thats ok

There are loads of other people in your exact situation trying to apply and fight for the role, which may seem daunting but personally it kind of helps because it means that you’re not existing in this sea of job hunting in a vacuum. You’re not alone!

You can sometimes ask for feedback when receiving rejection so that could help

Always ask for feedback, it will help loads in the long run 🙂

Try to stay positive!

This one might seem patronising as hell but honestly, try to stay positive about it all, you will find a job!

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