Starting New Things Is Scary But Worth It (274/365)

2019 has been a weird year for me, because on the one hand it has had some hard life lessons, horrific personal situations and just a lot of negativity. On the other hand I’ve been successfully running a daily blog, partaking in a podcast and have been making serious adult decisions when it comes to my career path which has led to a new job. Well, in the space of this year I’ve already gone through three different roles so I’ve had a lot of change and a lot of ‘proving myself’ which has been really scary.

Staying in your comfort zone is easy, it’s something you’re familiar with and you know exactly what will or can happen – but it’s not good for you. If you’re comfortable you have already hit the snooze button on your life and personally I can’t do that. I usually take the approach of ‘I’m young and dumb, but I want to be happy with where my life is going’, it’s not always about making loads of money, but it’s about having a path,

Whenever I’ve felt stuck it seriously effects my mental health and leads to a lot of downward spirals and stupid stories – so many stupid things I have done in the name of poor mental health. So really I plan my life around not making stupid decisions or at least doing things I can live with.

But back to the topic, new beginnings are a thing that sort of keep happening and naturally this is my post saying that it might be scary and lead to a lot of anxious moments – but it will definitely be worth it. I’ve been there with the nightmares about failing, sweating, shaking and wanting to back out of every single new change but in the end it all works out.

And if it doesn’t work out, well, you’re not dead yet!

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