Politically Correct Culture Isn’t Hurting Anyone (275/365)

Honestly I hear this a lot and just leave it be for the most part because people who see our culture of being more politically correct as a threat tend to be the same people who want to say their discriminatory phrases without any backlash.

They’ll talk about how ‘back in the day’ people were less sensitive and see our outcry against the language they use as a weakness as opposed to what it is which is a justified reaction. Back in the days where people were less sensitive they also couldn’t speak out against people because there was a threat of lynching, hate crimes and a general lack of safety surrounding them. It’s not about the fact that people fought back less, you need to take into account the reason why.

I’m also not saying that todays world has less of these crimes, but where I live I know I have the privilege of speaking out against sexism, racism, homophobia and for the most part I won’t need to fear for my life. I wouldn’t say speaking out is a weakness, it’s a strength because on some level you’re still going against the status quo of allowing everyone to have their own opinions, even if those opinions are hateful towards a massive group of people.

Back in the day people were able to use phrases against women, use words like n*gger and f*ggot without any ramifications – anyone who did speak out were also either attacked or killed.

Stop calling us snowflakes for being offended when you use language that can instigate violent beliefs.

Stop being annoyed that you can’t use a hateful slur about people and look into your disgusting need to use this slur.

Stop defending people who use language like this because silence is a form of agreeing with this behaviour.

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