Sometimes I Feel Old (276/365)

In case you havent been following this challenge from the start or have me on any social media, you might not know that I have younger siblings. Across all the ages – teenagers and children, which means I get exposed to a lot of their social media trends and sometimes it really makes me feel old.

Especially when tic tok is mentioned – none of it makes any sense to me. My 10 year old sister references a lot of their own special subset of memes and honestly I really don’t understand them. When this happens, her alongside the teenagers will remind me how much older than them that I am. Now I know I’m only 26, but I also remember all of them being born and have changed all their nappies, and one of my brothers is 19. So that really hits me, that even something like a 6-8 year age difference means we are exposed to different sides of the internet, let alone a 14-15 year difference.

So right now I feel a little old, even though I know I’m not and logically this is just a weird ramble.

Another day, another filler I guess.

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