Flu Season Freaks Me Out (279/365)

I’ve said I love Autumn and honestly I do, but I always forget that it’s also the season of everyone being ill and honestly it freaks me out. As an asthmatic I always try my best to not catch any flue/colds because I’ll get it worse than the carrier but everyone around me is coughing, sneezing, sniffing and honestly – I get the heebies jeebies watching this.

At home I give my sisters a lot of crap for spreading their germs, but they’re younger than me and on some level I say it in jest. However, in the working world of OPEN OFFICE SPACES, people still come in completely contagious and honestly I don’t understand it. Yes, we get a limited amount of sick days and some people do need to be in the office – but come on. You’re most likely patient zero and also the reason why everyone else will be ill in a few days.

Also a friendly PSA for anyone who’s quite young – adults are gross, it doesn’t get better.

I kind of wish the UK had a custom of people wearing little face masks if they’re feeling ill, because at least then they can work without spreading their disease to everyone. Sadly, we don’t and not everyone even covers their mouth when they cough so I just live in a constant fear of catching their nastyness.

It might sound like I’m overexageratting, and I probably am, but I’m kind of a germophobe who doesn’t want to catch whatever is spreading right now.

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