China’s War On Muslims is Completely Fucked Up (282/365)

You might have heard about what’s happening to the muslim community within China, the concentration camps received a lot of press and a lack of complete outcry from anyone outside of the muslim community. If you have ever wondered what the rest of the world is doing when you watch a movie about horrific events, they’re doing what you are doing right now. Living your everyday life, glancing at the headlines and continuing with our societal apathy towards any issue that doesn’t directly effect us.

So why am I writing about this you might ask? Well because I want to spread more awareness about this and let people know that the world we live in is an actual horror show, but I also want to help them and I don’t know how (please if you know, holla).

So the outcry began when China openly through the Uighur muslims into concentration camps for the crime of their very existence – yes that actually happened and no international country stepped in to help. They were condemned, but condemning doesn’t really stop the torture does it. In these camps horrific things happened to them and despite news coming out, still nothing happened.

During Ramadan they were force fed and banned from fasting. Over time they’ve been forced to eat pork, drink and have literally been murdered. China’s plan is to wipe out the whole community and no one is stopping them. Over the past week news of China harvesting their organs came out and honestly it was upsetting to read and know that this is happening and action isn’t happening.

Where do international powers draw the line?

I’d highly advise you to read up on whats happening because even though its upsetting to read, ignorance is just as bad as standing back. I know we could protest till we literally expire and not much could happen, but the purpose of this post is to let you know roughly what is happening and a question about what we can actually do about it.

I could write loads of statistics but not only am I not an expert, I’m also still gathering information about this so I won’t even pretend that I know everything about this topic.

6 thoughts on “China’s War On Muslims is Completely Fucked Up (282/365)

  1. I was actually thinking about this earlier in the day, there is literally no coverage about it. it’s like the world’s just turned its back, like Palestine, Kashmir and other places ….Long sigh..

    Thnx for the reminder, all we can do is spread awareness and share the post.

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    1. Yeh, it’s honestly upsetting how the media have minimised their coverage on all of these super important issues, I’ll try to keep posting updates on this crisis if I can, if any means of help comes up I’ll forward it to you as well!

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      1. Agree it’s really upsetting and what’s worse is how people have been desensitized to all the injustices in the world. Thank you and keep up the good work. Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power doubled (I read that somewhere!)

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