Societal Apathy is a Scary Thing (285/365)

When I’m mentally tired my conspiracy brain kicks in – so this is that kind of post. šŸ™‚

So I recently made a post about the tragedy that is currently happening to the Uighur community in China and it got me thinking about something that scares me to my core – societal apathy. For those of you who might not know, apathy refers to a lack of feeling, interest or emotion to something, and that’s kind of what defines our societies response to most things. We see horrors, tragedies and bad news so often that it’s dulled in our brains.

We’re used to seeing coverage on murder, and the fact that most people have either watched or wanted to watch live videos with murder/beheadings/torture is kind of scary – if you think i’m overexagerating on that, take your time and actually ask someone if they’ve ever watched a one. If they say no, then ask if they were tempted to and you’ll understand what I mean.

We just don’t care about anything anymore, well anything sad or anything that matters. Part of it is due to the media and how it’s dulled our brains to anything that matters. It also plays a huge role in controlling the conversation, like how the celebrity coverage on the Kardashians or Beyonce rises whenever anything contrversial is happening. Or the British equivalent being at the beginning of this year when people were starting to doubt Brexit and Shamima Begums face was everywhere.

We’re controlled, manipulated and have become a heard of apathetic sheep – well most of us at least, including me and this is kind of scary. I’ve tried personally to break the cycle, and become less consumed but media is everywhere, our laptops, our phones, outside, in bus stops – we’re wired up to everything every single day and it’s manipulating us into shared apathy.

Again if you still think this is an overexgaeration think about the last time you heard about something horrific, a school shooting, a massacre, a genocide:

-Did you feel anything? Any rage, sadness, did you even feel sick about the news you heard.

Or did you somehow find a way to brush it off.

Societal apathy – the true modern day horror.

One thought on “Societal Apathy is a Scary Thing (285/365)

  1. I do feel it. all the emotions that come with the news. But we do have to move on from such feelings because feelings are meant to go through us. Can’t linger on it for too long it may not be good for us. The way I see it, we receive such information and news, we acknowledge the feelings we are feeling and we stay true to ourselves by doing the best we can about it, like maybe spread awareness and kindness and hope for the best.


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