Why I’ve Cancelled Certain Influencers (287/365)

We all know how toxic cancel culture is by now, everyone is living in fear of making mistakes, seeming fake and generally worried that their reputation could be gone within a second. Especially when we dig up old tweets and don’t give people the time to respond or the benefit of the doubt as people should be given the room to grow and learn from their past. All of us were problematic at one point, so we should allow others to grow like we have – however there are some cases where I personally have just thrown them in the bin.

When racist actions or tweets come out it’s always a bit worrying because you only really find out when you start to care about the influencer as a person. A lot of the time to content is horrific and upsetting and in some cases triggering so there’s a rightful uproar when this does happen, around this time influencers cultivate their apologies. It’s always planned, it’s never spontaneous and in all honesty I don’t always even expect it to be sincere but one thing I do expect is an actual apology and recognition that the person was shitty in the past.

But some influencers just make excuses, they’ll say the phrase ‘I was in a dark place’ or use their poor mental health as an excuse for their disgusting language and actions. We’ve all dealt with being in the dark place and poor mental health and honestly it’s not an excuse for this kind of behaviour. Own up to your shittyness, and then we can maybe think of giving you another chance.

I have no patience for excuses, and I think that probably comes across in the way I write about things in general, but honestly, if you do this, you’re cancelled.

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