Bad Mental Health Isn’t an Excuse to be a Shit Person (288/365)

Before this offends anyone I understand that when you’re deep in the bad mental health place it can cause you to not be yourself, it can cause you to lash out, be horrible and sometimes bring you to extremes that you wouldn’t think is possible, but something that it shouldn’t do is be used as an excuse to be a shit person. ‘I’m depressed’ isn’t a reason to be abusive, horrible and straight up offensive.

I say this as someone who has been there, who has struggled with depression and anger issues and I have also been that person who had the audacity to use it as an excuse:

Because I was in the dark place

Because I was going through a lot

Because I ‘couldn’t control it’

I even blamed other people for my anger – yes I was a horrible human being and looking back I can accept that and can safely say I’m a better person now. I’ve taken steps to apologise to those I wronged and generally have made a pact to never be that person again because not only is it disgusting but it’s also living a life that is filled with self pity and toxicity.

You can probably guess but because I’ve been there and moved through it I have no sympathy for anyone who does this. Depression, anxiety and bad mental health is not an excuse to be a disgusting human being. You can’t control your mental health, but you can control whether you become a toxic person as a result of it.

I know people can hesitate to call someone out for this behaviour because it’s awkward and could potentially cross a line that would lead to dismissing mental health, so I’ll say it.

There’s no excuse to be a cunt.

There you go, none. If you find yourself doing this, apologise, take ownership for being an idiot and never do it again.

This is a short post because honestly I’m struggling to right these posts alongside my new job so I’m writing them at the end of the day and honestly it’s impacting the quality.

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