The Perks of Replaying Red Dead Redemption 2 (289/365)

Unless you live under a rock you probably have either heard of or played Red Dead Redemption 2 – it’s arguably one of the best games out there and honestly tugs on your heartstrings. I remember when I first played it and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the game, I loved doing the stranger missions and generally just exploring the open world, but at some point during the plot I sort of focused too much on the plot and not enough on the wider world and that’s why I’m replaying the game.

I do enjoy doing the main missions again, but I really love exploring the world. When I initially completed the game I found out how many easter eggs I missed through a few articles and then I spent a few months gathering the mental energy to play the game again as it’s a whirlwind, especially if you enjoy the main character Arthur Morgan. He’s so well developed and generally enjoyable to play, whether you play with high or low honour, you’ll still find things you enjoy.

My first play-through I had really high honour, avoided bounties (when it could be) and really tried to not fuck around too much – on my second play through it’s the complete opposite, I enjoy the bandit life sometimes and honestly I don’t have much to lose as I’ve already played the game. Although, I will up the honour in order to do the final missions to do with Mrs Downes, as those are worth being good for a bit.

I don’t know why but this game has a way of hooking you in, I could hunt for hours, do random homesteads and really spend a lot of time focusing on the little tips I ignored on my first play through. The game has LOADS of easter eggs and I personally think it’s impossible to find them all, so if you’re a gamer who likes discovering new things, I’d highly recommend playing it again.

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