Feeling Uninspired (293/365)

I don’t know what’s in the water around this time of year but I’m seriously feeling super uninspired. I was almost about to give up on this challenge due to this feeling and the fact that I don’t want to write anymore filler posts as they’re sort of cheating in my books. I asked my followers on Instagram for ideas and although most of them were amazing, my brain couldn’t find a good way to write most of them. I figure if I’m going to do it, it can’t be shit.

So instead todays post is about my sheer lack of inspiration, which is strange because I’ve spent a lot of time watching detailed analysis videos on the show The Leftovers (if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out the show is brilliant). Every video breaks down all the themes of grief, loss, sadness, religion, philosophy and honestly makes me want to watch the show again since it’s one of the best television shows to ever be created in my books. So you’d think this would inspire some form of thought but honestly I’m just tired and lacking ideas.

I want to blame my personal life and say that I’m busy and all that crap but in all honesty I always have things going on, and I haven’t used it as an excuse to not create content here because I do want to complete this challenge of writing a blog post for every day of 2019. I’ve written posts before going to funerals, dealing with employment issues, personal issues, family issues so I can’t really say I’m not capatable of writing when I need to. It’s just writing something that is good in my eyes and something that isn’t a recycled or generic thought.

I might need to write more personal posts and that is going to emotionally scare the fuck out of me. As I’ve written a lot about race issues, gender, feminism, mental health, nerdy things and honestly I feel like I’ve done a good job exploring most of those topics. I try not to ‘nerd out’ too much because a lot of those posts don’t receive any love and I don’t think anyone who regularly reads this website cares about my achey breaky nerdy loves.

In all honestly the main thing that seperates my writing habits now and at the beginning of the year is that I actually scheduled posts better. I took the time and really wrote a few posts in advance, I also had a job that included zero work so I did use a lot of that time to write them, but despite being busier I feel like I need to plan my time a lot better and not rely on fillers.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired (293/365)

  1. I do care about your “achey breaky nerdy loves.” I read them almost on daily basis. Keep spreading awareness about different issues. You have courage to pin point and talk about these issues 👍

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