The Problem with White Liberals (294/365)

When you first initially hear about white liberals, the loud leftists and anyone who really identifies with this title you think it’s a positive. They’re claiming to want equality, free will and on the surface seem like they do care about a lot of important issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and islamophobia, but the thing is a lot of them don’t. As always this is my cheeky warning that I’ll be generalising a little bit, but this post is really inspired by a conversation I had with my older brother. It focused a lot on how liberals don’t actually care about us, and by us I mean ethnic minorities.

They’ll openly support a trending hashtag and try to be relevant with some of the things they post online, but it’ll always stay at a surface level. When we speak about issues of sexism for example, they’ll talk about the struggles involving voting and #metoo which are important, but then they’ll fail to (or even avoid) talking about how these same issues impact WOC even more than your average middle class white woman. They’ll feel uncomfortable unpacking the privilege they hold when it comes to whistleblower movements like #metoo and ignore how the main voices that held the platform were the white voices, despite the movement being created by women of colour.

You might have guessed it but these are the same people who have a token ethnic friend and will openly state it with pride, as if having one diverse friend somehow means you care about us, when in reality that friend you’re using as justified ‘wokeness’ is a prop to you. A prop to show that you’re diverse, out there and ultimately legitimises your liberal existence. If you don’t see the problem with that let me break this down, as sometimes the token friend can also be the token partner, lover or even family member.

It’s easy to explain if I break down this one phrase I’ve heard quite a few times:

“I’m not racist, I have a (insert ethnicity) friend”

Now whether you’ve heard it, said it, or justify it, by now (as its 2019) you should be aware of how stupid this phrase is. You can’t claim to not have prejudices based on race because you have a friend who’s background isn’t white, because by using this friend as a prop or justification you’re sort of already displaying your prejudice. As you’re not claiming to not be racist because you’re not racist, you’re using you prop (the friend) as physical proof when in reality it doesn’t mean anything.

There are loads of people who are racist or generally look down on other races who somehow have friends of these race. Just because you decided to let one of us become your friend, it doesn’t mean that you don’t hold any prejudice. Now about the people with their black boyfriends/husbands who like to use that as their path to being an accepting person – remember that thing I said about using us as props, well this is just an example of a fetishised prop, which sometimes leads into the creepy fetishism of having a mixed race baby.

So when reading that a few people probably popped into your mind, the living examples of people who do this shit, were they also liberals? I’d bet good money that out of some of the people, there were at least some people who claim to be liberals in that mini list.

My main issue with the growth of liberals is that they’re used as pioneers for social movement and change, when in reality the change they focus on is their own and they diminish the struggles of everyone else.

They also make it difficult for the white activists who aren’t like this at all and really create an awful stereotype that they have to deal with.

Generally white liberals halt actual social change, jump on every bandwagon and really spend too much time silencing every minority under the illusion of solidarity.

They’re also the type of people who cried over the Notre Dame and continue to be silent on every issue that has hit social media like China’s war on Muslims and everything thats happening in Sudan and Kashmir – essentially every crisis that involves people of colour.

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