My Younger Sisters Are All Feminists And It’s Great (298/365)

I don’t know if I’ver perfected the balance between talking about social justice, family, mental health and everything else just yet when it comes to this blog, but as we’re nearing the end of this challenge I feel like I’m just going to post a lot of little thoughts and musings as I’ve already covered the bulk of what I intended to write. Todays post is about my sisters, purely because I have four of them and we talk about so many things, but one thing that’s nice to notice is that they’re all feminists – even the youngest ones.

I’d like to think it’s partly because me and my other sister who’s in her late teens have subtly influenced their thoughts, but also because they look up to us and we’re essentially intersectional feminists who talk about it a lot! We also try to promote an atmosphere of equality as well as displaying our femininity however we want and thats helped them out a lot. Although their fellow classmates are sometimes confused by them, because one of them loves to fight, loves sports but also enjoys her femininity at the same time which isn’t really common, especially for children.

Well it is common in adults, I take that back, it’s just weird in children. Mainly because they never see a female character with different layers. The ‘badass’ women tend to dress in a specific way and only adopt masculine personality traits, whereas the other archetype of a female character is feminine, delicate and somehow always ends up as the damsel in distress. Although badass women also tend to need saving a lot as well…

I have another post somewhere on this site dissecting this, so I’d recommend reading that as this blog post isn’t really going to expand on it.

Back to the thing about my feminist sisters. I feel like children absorb a lot, they pick up on literally everything around them and this tends to impact how they see the world, including how they view culture and gender and basically everything. So when the dominant women in their life are basically just doing what they want, living their lives and have open discussions about equality (gender, race, sexuality – all of it) it makes sense that they’d become feminists without even knowing what the term is.

I only really worry about when they learn about the negative connotations of feminism, as people seem to think we hate men. Dunno where they got that from, but it’s a weird one. (note the sarcasm plz)

Anyway this post isn’t really a point with a conclusion, just a nice musing I had whilst talking to my sisters. I like that they’re all feminists and believe in equal rights for everyone, alongside equal opportunities, it’s nice and it makes me happy.

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