Always Trust Your Gut (301/365)

You ever get a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach when you meet someone, it’s not the kind that would make you hate them or loathe their existence, but something that screams ‘somethings’s wrong’. When you have that feeling you have a choice to make:

  • Trust your instincts and get away from this person
  • Ignore it and risk it for a biscuit

I can safely say from experience that bad things happen when you pick option two. It’s not even always about people, sometimes it’s about the choices you make and honestly your gut instinct is something purely primal that is out here to protect you. I don’t care how illogical the notion is, in my 26 years of living it has been 100% correct every single time and when I go against it I always end up in a dumb situation.

Even choices like choosing to live with someone, if your gut instinct tells you somethings off, then you’re better off not doing it. This happened to me recently, and I obviously went against it because I’m a dumbass, and it had nothing to do with my flatmate at the time, but everything to do with the living situation, it crashed and burned so fast i didn’t even have time to process it.

Always trust your gut instinct when it decides to notify you, because honestly it’ll make your life a lot easier. It doesn’t always holla, but when it does it means your primal instincts are trying to save you from making a stupid decision.

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