Halloween Confession – I Can’t Watch Horror Films (304/365)

Yes, this is the one where I expose myself for not being able to watch most horror films, some of you reading this might understand the points I’m about to make, whilst others are just going to be left in a state of confusion and honestly this is something that isn’t going to change. So yes, I can’t watch most horror films, mainly because anything involving ghosts and possession freak me out.

If there’s anything that enters the realm of the unknown that we can’t see and isn’t explained/defeated then I won’t watch it.

It might have something to do with my constant battle with sleep paralysis, weird trippy dreams and lucid nightmares, but I don’t fuck with the unknown and genuinely don’t feel the social pressure to put my weak ass through it ever again. I guess believing in jinns is also something that puts me off watching the films, since jinn stories are fucking terrifying and honestly those kind of films are basically an immersive jinn story.

For many years I actively pretended to love and watch horror films, there’s something about being in school and pretending to be hardcore out of fear of being left out or being a target of bullying. The more ‘badass’ I seemed, the less likely I was to become a target and honestly if it meant lying my tits off and watching a few horror films, then I was prepared to do it. My school wasn’t the best and I have a long disgusting history with bullying.

Thanks to this lie I ended up watching Paranormal Activity 2 in the cinema, and you might be reading this wondering what kind of pansy was scared of that film – THIS PANSY, ME, I was scared shitless. It had everything I was scared of:

  • An unknown figure haunting a family
  • Actual attacks where we can’t see the thing
  • Possession
  • No way of defeating the unknown figure

Plus I watched it around a time where I was dealing with sleep paralysis attacks every other night, so I already had a lot on my plate. Due to this stupid decision I wasn’t able to sleep soundly for a month and then I realised that life is too short to do this to yourself and now I refuse to watch these kind of films. I no longer care how people will take the news because sleep is important!

I do appreciate how my best friends will make plans to watch these films and invite me as a courtesy knowing damn well I have no intention of going, and they completely understand it.

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