This Blog Is Reminding Me That This Year Has Flown By (308/365)

It was only yesterday that we were all feeling that ‘new year buzz’ and wrote down loads of resolutions that we’d probably fail, or achieve if you planned it properly. Writing a blog post everyday and having the numbers in the title really has highlighted that we’re in the last bit of 2019, less that 60 days to go now and what have you made of it? I kid, no pressure, we shouldn’t really use the year as a measure of achievement, what you really should be doing is focusing your goals on your own time.

Despite using the year as a measure and a target for this blog, I am against people only trying to make new decisions and life choices at the beginning of the year. We shouldn’t really put off achieving our big/small goals and should really put in the steps to get them done wherever we can, but I do understand that we are also mere mortals and do succumb to bouts of laziness from time to time.

The problem with using the year as the standard matrix is that if we have things we want to do in the later months, we’ll be more likely to put them off and then forget to do it. Which is why you should really just do what you want to do, or take the steps, as soon as possible.

So back to the actual title, the year has gone quick – yeh let’s use the cliche. We never really appreciate how fast the months go by and we always assume we have time in the year to do everything, I’ve not really had a quantifiable way of being aware of the year in a while, when you work a day job it’s easy to let the times merge together and you’re sort of in this bubble of not even knowing the date, let alone day of the week.

It’s been nice getting to this point of the daily blog project though, I didn’t think I would reach this point of the year and honestly it’s a great achievement, this post is just a little filler and a bit of a ramble since I haven’t really written anything like this in a few weeks. I do like writing streams of consciousness because there’s no pressure for it to be an amazing blog post, or to meet anyones standards.

It’s easy, breezy nonsense, and gives any readers a weird look into how my brain works. 🙂

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