Hating Your Job Is Too Normalised (311/365)

I’m not entirely sure how to write this one so it might be short, but the concept of adults hating their job is honestly too normalised and it worries me. Obviously I’m not naive enough to think everyones doing their dream jobs and to be perfectly honest, capitalism and the fear of being penniless leads us into doing whatever we can to make ends meet. However, what you do to make ends meet doesn’t have to drain your life and your soul.

I’m writing this from a place of experience, from working jobs I hated and also being in the habit of complaining about them and it’s bad. It’s bad for your mental health, your emotional wellbeing and your general sanity because you become encapsulated by pure negativity. I’ve left jobs because of this and honestly it feels amazing to be out of the negative atmospheres.

Even if you’re in a horrible job, try not to indulge in too much complaining because then the negativity lingers, and when that process starts, it’s hard to recover.

I know it’s all easier said than done, but please let’s stop putting out more negativity than positivity. I hate people who post about ‘positive vibes’ but they’re onto something you know.

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