10 Signs You’re In Need of a Self Care Day (313/365)

I have written a lot of extensive posts about self care, how to practice it at home, at work and lots of helpful tips about it, but nows the time for a post about some signs that you need to spend some time focusing on your own mental health. I may or may not have already written about it, but I know for a fact that I have some newer thoughts on it since my last post.

Self care doesn’t have to take a whole day, but it’s always good to spend some time focusing solely on replenishing yourself and your emotional helath, so here are some signs I personally look out for so I know when a good self care session is in need.

  1. When you run on auto-pilot more than usual.
  2. Feeling numb to things (ot everything).
  3. Sleeping problems – this can range from not being able to sleep, to having nightmares and even lots of sleep paralysis.
  4. Feeling unusually overwhlemed by life, or life events.
  5. When you just feel sad and aren’t sure why.
  6. Constant feelings of being anxious (as someone who has never had panic attacks this is a big one I look out for).
  7. Not wanting to do anything at all.
  8. Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness.
  9. When you don’t find joy in the things you love.
  10. When you haven’t had time to yourself in a hot minute!

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