Try Not To Get Too Caught Up In Gossip Culture (314/365)

We all love a good gossiping session, not only does it bring people together but it’s a great way of collecting information (whatever age you are, information is power. However, gossiping a lot isn’t healthy for your mind at all, sometimes it can be a relief, to get a good rant out, but if you engage in the practice for long enough, it allows those feelings of pure negativety to just suck you in – and that’s not good at all.

It also says more about you as a person if you spend a lot of your time loving the art of gossiping. I speak about red flags a lot, but there’s a difference between spilling the tea and being vindictive, and once you learn the different it helps a lot in picking your friends and colleagues you choose to spend time with.

There is also the risk of letting a serial gossip know information about you, and if they’re engaging in this act, you can’t always trust that they’ll keep their mouths shut. Remember what I said, information is power, and that goes for power over others and yourself. So try not to give a lot of people that kind of leverage on you, I’m not assuming that you’ve been up to no good, but keep certain people at arms length. They don’t always need dirt to hold something over you, sometimes it could be a bit of information that has been warped, or them using stories about your childhood to build a negative opinion about you.

Gossip culture in general is a crazy game, especially in a professional setting, you think it’s harmless chatter until someone uses the intel they’ve gathered to work their way to the top. I honestly would think that statement was an overexageration but in my previous work place that literally was the culture, and I witnessed many people use information as power to get them ahead, and keep other peoples careers at a stand point, and that place wasn’t even corporate.

From what I’ve learned it’s best to stay out of it, or if you are weak to wanting to gossip, give people little on you. I have ways of doing that, but honestly it’s a whole blog post of it’s own, and I don’t think it’s wise for me to even write about it at length since a lot of people who read this know me personally and some even work with me. šŸ™‚

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