What Writers Block Feels Like (315/365)

I make a lot of jokes about my issues with writers block and how I’ve resorted to some lazy posts or just a stream of consciousness, which always turns out to be a mess, but I don’t think I’ve expanded a lot on how this feels or how it comes about. Writers block happens to everyone who dabbles in writing, whether it’s professionally or for fun, and we use the term a lot but we don’t spend a lot of time describing the sensation.

I guess because everyone kind of knows what it is, it’s a straight up mental block.

It feels a lot like your brain has ideas, and wants to write but they’re stuck beneath a service that you can’t seem to access. Like a weight that is draining every single hope and dream you have of writing in that moment. You want to write, but you can’t.

It’s kind of like a form of hopelessness but in the form of something that isn’t allowing you to actually write down all the thoughts you have.

I’ve had many moments of having ideas, writing down the title of the ideas, and then not finding the words of even the will to write the post. It’s linked to a minor fear of it being shit, and a major fear of being able to do the topic justice. So in my case I get in my own way, but writers block is honestly an annoying thing because there’s not physical way to get yourself out of it, you kind of have to walk away, do something else and hope that you’re able to put words together later.

Which isn’t good when you have a daily blog, but I put myself in this hell of having to write a post every day of the year.

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