Fun Ways To Wind Someone Up (316/365)

If you’re anything like me you’ll love to wind someone up, in the UK we call it harmless banter, and in other countries I guess it’s called teasing, but honestly it’s something that is a lot of fun and can grow a lot of strong friendships when done right. You kind of have to understand that most people have a line, and you should find out what it is, because if you cross it you could break their heart and lose a good friend.

As someone who loves a little banter, I’ve found quite a few ways of windinng someone up without actually crossing any lines/boundaries. Here are some of my favourite ways.

  1. Light imitiation, they key for this one is to not make fun of any accents, but to be ridiculously over the top, so they’ll know it’s not a personal attack.
  2. Repeat one phrase over and over again, stop if they appear to go red/get angry.
  3. Be embarassing in public, this one might not be for everyone, but second hand embarassment winds most people up and not everyone can fight the feeling. Let loose and make yourself into a fool and watch the other burn inside.
  4. Use words like ‘moist’ a lot, or anything that they dislike (nothing offensive please).
  5. Use a baby voice.
  6. Mispronounce words, and keep doing it, even after they’ve corrected you for the 50th time.

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