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Planning A Cosplay Outfit Is Tough When You Have A Small Face (317/365)

You’d think that being alive for a certain amount of times, refusing to wear hats/masks in general and being teased for my feature would make me aware that I have a small face – but no, your girl forgot and because of this it’s making my cosplay plan for this weekend’s comic con more difficult then it should be.

I’m a lazy girl so this attempt is my first real attempt at cosplaying and honestly even my lazy idea went wrong, my initial plan was to become Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul, because it only requires a mask, an eye patch and black clothes, so like this:

So I hunted through Amazon to find any available, ordered it and waited for it to arrive, I was genuinely excited for this because it required minimal effort and not a lot of makeup. When it arrived however I realised I made a grave mistake, I forgot how small my face is, and how a lot of cosplay items are created for bigger faced humans. This then made me realise, that if I do continue cosplaying I’m going to need to take all of this into account.

Might also have to buy children’s sized face items, because my face is THAT small.

Luckily I found an alternative very last minute and I hope it all goes well, but this mini emergency honestly was a wave of reality for my nerdy heart. The only reason I’m even writing about it is because I don’t write a lot of stories about my day or week or life in general and thought I’d shake things up a little with a first world problem.

We can’t always write about racism and sexism every day because that would just lead to a lot of sadness, because those issues aren’t going away and they both effect me too much to allow any form of detachment.

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