Companies Need To Stop Writing Fake Positive Glassdoor Reviews (318/365)

Glassdoor is probably one of my favourite websites out there purely because it has helped me with job hunting, searching for honest reviews about the company and looking at the interview process. Good souls out there will write down what the companies interview process is, what each position pays and an honest review about their experience working there. As someone who has landed in a lot of work places that are on the more negative side, the fact that websites like this exist is really helpful, and can allow you to spill the tea when you leave.

The thing is, there’s a lot of fake positive reviews out there, and it really shows how companies are trying to drown the negative reviews out of sight. Now, I understand that its only natural to want your company to be seen in a good light, especially as people might reject a job offer based on negative reviews, but by writing fake reviews, you’re damaging your credibility. Since the positives will be over the top, and the negatives will be even harsher – we all know that (most) people don’t write fake reviews about negative employment, if they’re using terms like racism and sexism – it’s because your company is racist and sexist.

Am I writing this because I’ve seen this happen in previous work places – fuck yes!

Not only have I worked in a sales office where my manager forced us to write good reviews, as the bad were really bad, but I’ve also worked in another company where we all stalked their Glassdoor page as we knew the people who wrote the bad reviews. We knew the bad reviews all came from a place of pure honesty, and then we saw a flood of positive reviews that were so good that it wasn’t believable – sometimes upper management need to learn to lie better.

At the end of the day the reason websites like Glassdoor exist is to help employee’s, not employers. It’s for people who are applying for jobs and it’s a platform that allows them to get a ‘no bullshit’ view of what they’re getting themselves into.

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