Public Transport Pet Peeves (319/365)

As someone who has used public transport for many many years I can say that although it is convenient it comes with a lot of extra hassle that none of us like to deal with. It also has a bad reputation with everyone, no one likes to use the bus or train, but we do it because we have to. Or in my case it’s because I can’t be bothered to learn how to drive, that’s a topic for another day.

So naturally I love a good rant and to complain every now and then, so here’s a lovely list of all of my public transport pet peeves:

  1. When people stand up in buses and use up all of the space when there are free seats.
  2. When people do the above on double decker buses, and you fight your way up the stairs, to see even more free seats.
  3. There’s almost always a free seat – GO FIND THE SEAT!
  4. People who play music on buses – it’s not 2010 anymore, get some ear phones and keep your music to yourself.
  5. Some demons upgrade on point 4 and play music through speakers on the bus, not only is this annoying, but I’m pretty sure they were raised by Satan himself.
  6. When someone is sat on the seat that isn’t a window seat, and you ask them to move up to free a seat, but they just swivel to the side and expect you squeeze through – why are you so lazy? Do you just want booty in your face?
  7. Men who try to chat you up when you’re clearly listening to music, and keep hollering despite your lack on interest – the fuck you want?
  8. People who stink on buses – it’s worse when they’re next to you.
  9. People who fight on buses – go find a street alley with no camera’s like a normal person!
  10. When a train is packed and everyone is trying to make way, a there’s always that one person who refuses to move – listen fucktart, move!
  11. Anyone who stares at you on any public transport is already a creeper, and they need to lower their gaze asap.
  12. Space invaders.
  13. Leg spreaders.
  14. Any form of intrusion of my space.
  15. Anyone who makes passive aggressive comments about someone, look you’re in a major city, it’s the wild wild west out here.
  16. Although being on the drunk train is funny, it’s scary when you’re on your own, so the rowdy football drunk people make it on this list.
  17. If you barely know me, let’s not start a full conversation, it’s a pet peeve because I like to mentally prepare for the day/unwind from the day.
  18. People who cough/sneeze without covering their mouths – this isn’t just specific to public transport and anyone who does this wasn’t raised right.

I feel like this list could go on forever, so I’ll stop for now, just so there could be a possible part two in the future.

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