So, My Old Work Place Found My Blog Post About Their Racism.. (323/365)

Honestly, my inital response was laughter, not only because I can trace who spread it, but because their reaction was what I expected – they sympathised with the racist, because ‘he can’t help his personality’, ‘he’s awkward’, and ‘he must have just rubbed her the wrong way’. They can’t fathom that the post came from a place of truth and not just an emotional response to a disgusting working environment. They’re also the people who allow racism to happen and flourish, hence why I’m not surprised.

In case you couldn’t tell from my title, my old work place found out about the post I wrote about some of their racist antics. I didn’t even find out until today, so I’m just writing my raw unfiltered thoughts since I did need an idea for this post, and they just handed it to me on a silver platter. There’s a reason I left that place, and it wasn’t just because I found another job, it was because the working environment was toxic and breeded sexism and racism. Many of us were the targets of it, and even more fight to keep it alive without even being aware of it.

I think the problem is, they think racism only extends to people shouting n*gger, or being overly aggressive. They don’t understand that racism is also about microaggressions, isolation and stereotyping of people of colour. It’s about how a diverse team of 60+ has only a handful of white surviviors because the man who made the decision ultimately didn’t see any of POC as viable, valuable.. hell he didn’t even see us as people, just as stereotypes that he feared.

He never spent time with any members of his team that were of ethnic minorities that could be intepreted as intimidating, he actively created a circle of people he spent time with and guess what they looked like (if you can’t guess.. then you might need some help). The whole work place kind of takes on this level of racism in all honesty, and I never really realised how bad it was until I ended up in a department where this wasn’t the case.

I won’t repeat what was in the post I’ll link it here but honestly to everyone who spread it – thanks for the views.

To everyone who judged me for it – fuck you.

To everyone who defended who I wrote about – you’re part of the problem, and you’re also racist (don’t worry I know who you are).

You can keep gossiping and saying your comments because at the end of the day, you’re just a cog in a racist system, so enjoy the benefits of that, and stop telling yourself that your black friend or partner makes you any less racist.

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