Weird Racial Stereotypes We Have To Battle on a Day to Day Basis (326/365)

Stereotypes and race have been the theme of this week and I thought I’d expand on a few more of the things I’ve mentioned as like I’ve mentioned, I’ve been inspired by a drive to be as petty as possible. In case you didn’t know a post I wrote about workplace racism circulated around the place and the racist line manager got to read it, and from what I’ve heard his behaviour has been excused as an awkward personality trait – the world we live in protects racists instead of educating them.

Hence my petty posts, that have education as a theme. In all honesty this event helped inspire me to write again as I’ve had a pretty public problem with writers block. So let’s break down some of the awful stereotypes that we have to deal with on a day to day basis, I’ll try to keep this with what I’ve personally experienced as I can only guess about everyone else.


The darker you are, the more aggressive you appear regardless of race. It’s a weird one and some fight this horrible stereotype by being overly nice and palatable, which in itself is really fucked up. Why should we appear to be extremely nice, when others won’t return the favour. Why should we be fighting against this stereotype when we should really be calling out anyone who believes it to be true. Aggression has nothing to do with melanin, and the sooner people realise this, the quicker we can dismantle this nonsense.

A lovely little side stereotype from this is the social justice angry POC person. It’s one that see’s anyone from any POC background who calls out issues of racism, sexism or anything as something to be avoided, someone who can’t chill out because they’re too angry about issues. They’re the type that threaten people as well but not through direct threats, through the conversations they have that threaten their status quo of dismissing racism.

The problem with this negative stereotype is that they’ve made any conversations around race a negative, because it’s a threat to white spaces (which is every space).

Our accents

Anyone with an accent that is slightly different is attacked, in my case I’ve been told I ‘sound like a white person’ which is fucked up, because the way I speak, which is considered posh to some, can’t be associated with my heritage, which is Black. Meaning your assumption is that black people have a certain way of speaking, and that is with slang and ‘not proper’ English. This then leads to a lot of connotations about the way we speak, our intelligence and whether we’re actually from the country we’re living in. It’s all a mess and it all leads to othering and a lot of negative connotations about us and our language.


You might not know this about me but I used to wear the hijab, I know – gasp, shock, horror, now let’s move on from that revelation. So there’s this horrible stereotype that women who wear the hijab are obedient, submissive, timid, quiet and generally just lacking in any substance or personality which is 100% false and whoever made this shit up deserves to be heckled for all of eternity. Not only does this stereotype mean that people look at hijabi’s weird but it also means that before they even get to know them they have these assumptions about them that make them look down on hijabis in general.

It’s awful – just stop this behaviour.

Our intelligence

I’m not saying that people assume that I’m not intelligent because I’m black but.. oh wait that’s exactly what I’m saying. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it grinds my gears, it’s like I have to work harder to prove that I know what I’m doing to certain people. This can be seen through dismissive behaviour and people asking for second, third or even fourth opinions despite all of those opinions saying everything I just stated.

Those are all of the weird stereotypes I can think of for now, some I’ve mentioned before, others I haven’t. Do you have some that I might have missed?

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