Every Thought That Runs Through My Brain When Doing Spot Treatments (327/365)

I haven’t written about skin care in a while, part of it is because I don’t have a lot more to say. I’m not an expert and I don’t tend to do new things a lot when I find shit that works, but one thing that never changes is my need to use spot treatments. I, like many, get breakouts quite a bit, it’s not as severe as acne but it’s still annoying enough to inconvenience me. Due to this consistent effort to treat spots I realised that I have a lot of weird thoughts when doing it – so since we’re reaching the end of this daily blog challenge I thought I would lower the tone and write this trashy post.

Here’s a full list of every thought that runs through my brain when using spot treatments:

  • Do normal people have to use spot treatments every single night, or is my skin a special case?
  • I wonder if this will transfer on my pillow?
  • That little bugger (the spot) came because I forgot to treat it last night.
  • Why do drying lotions end up EVERYWHERE?
  • How long do I need to apply a drying lotion before it’s ok to sleep?
  • 10-20 minutes will be fine … right? A girl needs to sleep!
  • Spot patches are supposed to be easier but you have to use them before serums/lotions and that’s annoying.
  • Fuck it I’ll apply it after using everything.. what’s the worse that could happen. (it falls off by the time I wake up)
  • Will this tea tree oil work or make my face feel like it’s burning.
  • Will this toner hurt my spot after I’ve picked the scab.
  • It burns!
  • Why must friend chicken betray me?
  • Why must my period betray me?
  • Why does my skin betray me – I LOOK AFTER YOU!
  • Gotta be gentle on my skin because I’ll wrinkle apparently (I then continue to apply everything in a rough manner).
  • They tell me glycolic acid fades spots… seems like a conspiracy. (It’s not, it works).
  • Do I need retinol/vitamin c/niacinimide etc.
  • Every swear word in the book when a spot is resisting days of spot treatments.
  • Every swear word at the dark mark it leaves behind.
  • Every swear word.

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