Reflecting On My Petty Week (328/365)

So this week I wrote a series of posts as a petty reaction to people’s response to racism – yes the posts were a reaction to a reaction, it was like some bastardised version of inception but through sheer pettiness and honestly I’m not even mad about it. I should probably feel a little shame for reacting the way I did, it wasn’t very adult and I didn’t write those posts with the best intentions – but at the same time, I still stand by everything I wrote.

The post that circulated probably shouldn’t have been written this month, I had a plan, and the plan was to write about workplace racism next year because I’ll be able to organise it around the glassdoor review I wanted to write about the place. However that didn’t happen, I got bored one morning and decided to write a mini expose because I forgot that people who used to work with me had me on social media, I also forgot that a few of those people were friends with the racist.

I just didn’t plan it properly, but I am still laughing at the whole situation. I find it funny because I found out accidentally through hitting up someone and it just came up in conversation – she never planned to tell me so it was all pretty coincidential. The people I thought who would tell me didn’t, although I’m not really surprised because I’m half sure some of them are the reason it spread (80-90% sure). It’s all just funny, because although I write a lot about past experiences at work, I honestly don’t care for the place anymore, so the fact that people who rarely spoke to me have gathered to talk about it and read the post is just funny.

They probably still think it’s all an overeaction but I don’t expect anything more from them, they are all either racists or enablers or both, and honestly I’m glad to see the back of them.

One question that has come to my mind is that whoever encouraged him to read it really isn’t a good friend to him, I was mean, truthful but mean and honestly I knew that people from this workplace lived for drama but I forgot about the extent they’d go to find something to talk about it. Although I did get views from all of this, I felt uncomfortable about it all once I had a few days to actually think about it all.

I’d love to write more mini series, I feel like they do well but it’ll also give me inspiration for content for a good few days, and as we reach the end of this daily blogging challenge – the struggle for content is REAL!

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