Dear White People, We Don’t Just Call Anyone A Racist (329/365)

Dear white people,

Here we go again, I’m jumping on this letter format yet again because the ‘race’ series I started will never truly end, not until racism stops being a thing and that isn’t happening in this century. Today we’re going to unpack something…. something that sadly many white people believe and a lot of people use to excuse other peoples behaviours and it’s the idea that people of colour use the term racism easily, that we’ll use it as an excuse, that we’ll call anyone a racist and that we’d label someone that term just because we don’t like them.

Firstly, that simply isn’t true, we don’t crave a dscriminatory experience and we don’t use that label easily, when we call someone a racist a lot of thought comes from it and honestly it’s because it’s true. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t a fact. Discrimination is still here and thriving and it’s fucking awful, it’s horrible to have this effect you in any way, so we wouldn’t wish this on anyone, nor would we say that someone who isn’t a racist is one. It isn’t easy for us to even use the term because there’s always a hoard of white people out there to defend the racist, to say that we’re overreacting, emotional and that the person isn’t being racist, they’re just behaving that way because it’s who they are, of the person on the receiving end somehow deserves it.

Which is fucked up, but believe it or not you probably know someone who does this, you’re probably close to them, and you may even be someone who has excused this behaviour and that needs to stop.

I’ve said this before but I’m going to have to say this again the ‘race card’ isn’t a thing. That term insinuates an advantage to accusing someone of being a racist, it makes it seem positive when in reality when people of colour call out racism it’s never accepted. It’s usually a battle and we have to have evidence out there, but the problem is white people tend not to understand that racism can be subtle, it’s not all being physically attacked there are microaggressions and so many other layers to it. We don’t have a ‘race card’ because the world never sides with the person who is effected by racism.

So when you take the fact that people of colour deal with a lot in general you have to take into account that when we call someone a racist, it’s after thinking it through and knowing what the ramifications of that is – we could lose our jobs, our friends, our status, our livelihoods and our sanity as a result of it. It’s never easy, and honestly it’s not fun either. We don’t take joy in exposing them because it means that they’be displayed behaviours that are not only discriminatory but they’ve also acted on them in a disgusting manner.

So white people, throw away this idea that we call everyone a racist for sport. Throw away the notion that we hold onto this race card that exists to ruin a poor white persons life. Just throw away all of your defensive behaviours and listen to us.

Listen to us when we say we’re uncomfortable, when we hint someone could be a racist, and when we outright call someone out on their behaviour.

That’s all I have to say on this.

Kind regards,

Someone who is tired of this shit.

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