Will This Blog Continue After 2019? (330/365)

You probably know by now, but I created this blog for this year, I wanted to start a challenge that would force me to write more and also allow it to become an outlet of sorts. Although I did not predict actually continuing past 2-3 months, I did think about the longevity of this blog a lot. I do intend for it to continue after 2019 however it won’t be in a the same format – no more daily blogging your girl is burnt out and we’re not even done yet.

I’ll probably more on to a free domain as well, as I only bought this domain to force myself to write every day. Nothing motivates me more than actually putting money and effort into a project, because then it needs to be continued.

Which means no more http://www.fatimaspeaks.com which will be slightly upsetting but I’ll get through it.

With less posts will come more detailed and well written blog posts, I might even start editing them and making sure they’re grammatically correct.

Sorry about the short post for today, hope you have a good one. šŸ™‚

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