My Favourite Online Trends in 2019 (333/365)

The year is ending and honestly it’s been a whirlwind for us who spend a lot of our time online, so many people have been cancelled, so many people have had redemption arcs, and so many online influencers are clinging on to whatever hope they have to remain relevant – and watching this shit show has been amazing. I wish I was someone who ate more popcorn because watching it all unfold has been like watching reality TV, and as someone who doesn’t do reality TV, I might start because it’s entertaining.

So we’re back on to the list posts, and now I’m listing my favourite online trends for 2019 because even though we have a month to go, I doubt 30 days is going to change a lot.

  1. The fact that memes have now become to incorporated in our every day life it’s a new way of comminication, and Youtubers and other influencers are doing well at referencing them and adding little clips in their videos.
  2. I like how online internet famous humans are now showing us how imperfect they are – seeing them flawless all the time got very boring.
  3. The revival of ‘get ready with me’ videos is something I didn’t know we needed until this year happened.
  4. Online humour as a whole, it’s been fun and great and has somehow evolved this year.. I can’t explain how, but you might know what I mean.
  5. Everyones showing their politically conscious side more, and I’m 100% here for it.
  6. The fact that movie analysis channels are blowing up is heavenly.
  7. POC influencers being transparent about their sponsors and thanking them for paying the bills is something that needs to continue.
  8. We now have an online space to criticise makeup brands for being shit to POC without having to deal with anyone defending them, and I’m 100% here for it.
  9. Although ‘tea spill’ channels are honestly a guilty pleasure of mine, I do enjoy that they exist to shed light on all the scandals.. now if they stopped licking Jefree Star’s ass so much, I’d probably love them even more.
  10. Is it me, or are people finally starting to get that feminism isn’t about hating men? I think they are, and I’m adding it to an online trend as our joint belief as a society online creates online trends!
  11. That videos about hauls/what’s in my bag etc are dying online. I do love a good haul, but people who post them all the time are just boring.. I’m sorry, someone had to say it.
  12. That friendships built on sending memes is a well known and loved thing.
  13. That people are actually defending muslims – like I’m not saying that people didn’t do it be-… no wait, I am. Ya’ll didn’t care before, but you’re learning and caring now.
  14. The fact that everyones becoming more environmentally conscious about the choices they make publicly is also a very beautiful and necessary thing.
  15. Whoever in Buzzfeed decided that the black girl and the white girl should do a zero waste series deserves a medal. I didn’t realise until watching their series, but all the zero waste content I was exposed to was so white that I couldn’t relate.

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