Shamima Begum/ISIS Are Western Government Pawns (334/365)

This theory of mine started when Shamima Begum kept flooding our social media whenever public opinion on Brexit was low, it got to the point that I actively paid attention to whenever she was mentioned and I’m honestly surprised more people haven’t mentioned this… but them most people honestly believe that ‘muslim terrorists’ are truly evil and don’t understand how they’re used as pawns by every western Government.

So let’s talk about Shamima Begum, a young girl was East London who was part of the weird wave of girls going to Syria because ISIS groomed them into believing they’d live better lives. If you didn’t call bullshit on this back in 2015, then I honestly worry about your actual intelligence. Yes, racism and anti immigration sentmiments are strong enough for any young person to want to run away, but it’s not like she lived in a middle class racist white area… she lives in East motherfucking London. A place with their own unique issues built upon systematic racism, so I get the anti whiteness, but I don’t understand how she’d be ignorant enough to want to run away to Syria.. that’s a blog post I’d need to write about with mroe information.

So let’s skip past to a few years later, her name was everywhere in the news because she wanted to come back to the UK because she had a child she wanted to protect. She spoke about the horrors of being an ISIS bride and honeslty some of us felt sorry for her, and the majority would use this as a sick and twisted campaign on whether she deserved to come back and be allowed to live in the UK. The thing is, I understand why people debated this, but I don’t understand how no one saw that these debates were not just about Shamima or even ISIS, it became discussion on immigration as a whole and as you could probably tell everyones inner racist/nationalist came out.

Through having these discussions people were allowed to openly vent about their racist and islamophobic thoughts without being ridiculed, and in case you didn’t know, the more you talk about these things, the more people start to unpack their own hatred of anything or anyone that isn’t what they deem to be British (not a White person, I’M TALKING ABOUT RACE HERE). So then everyone got more riled up and nationalism across the countries got stronger and stronger… and with nationalism comes Brexit looking like a positive alternative.

The thing is Brexit is steeped in nationalistic and anti everything-that-isn’t-english-or-white ideology and if you don’t see that, then please open your eyes to the nonsense that is happening to everyone. So when Brexit was more difficult than everyone realised and actually was a detriment to services we rely like the NHS and every company that uses other countries for anything (which is every company), people realised that in doing Brexit they would lose out on health care and their jobs. So redundancies and death meant the nations view on Brexit went down… but when Shamima Begum would pop out it would suddenly go up again because racism and islamophobia makes even the smartest person forget that they need jobs and medicine to live.

It’s happening again with our General Election coming out, ISIS are apparently organising attacks and honestly the timing is very conveniant and very fake. Why attack now? It makes no sense unless certain conservative govenments need everyones inner racist to vote for an openly racist PM… oh wait that’s exactly what’s happening.

The police also pinned the Mosque attacks early this year on an actual Muslim and honestly it was the biggest piece of garbage I have ever read and I honestly don’t understand anyone who looks at the news and believes it….

I wish this was a more thought our blog post with loads of evidence and receipts but honestly it’s still 2019 and with my daily blogging challenge it makes it very difficult to actually put that much into one post since I know I’ll have to write another post the next day and I’m already pretty burnt out.

If you’re reading this thinking it’s a load of hogwash, look at the timings of every terror attack with what the government are going through and you’ll see it for what it actually is, which is organised by your favourite white bois at the top of the 1%.

2 thoughts on “Shamima Begum/ISIS Are Western Government Pawns (334/365)

  1. Honestly I feel so disconnected with the world. I just don’t get politics and can’t tell the difference between real news and fake news. I appreciate you tackling this topic. Someone has to talk about it. Ignorance really makes us pawns to powerful people with agendas!

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    1. Thanks, honestly I didn’t make this connection until this year purely because the Shamima nonsense came out of the blue, it made no sense and then it was like my eyes were opened. Hopefully next year I’ll spend more time exploring this in a more detailed manner.


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